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wheat - anxiety The Anxiety Inquiry

Do you feel like your life is being controlled by anxiety or fear? Have you suffered from irritability, an inability to make decisions, or irrational phobias, or have you been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder? Do you feel like you’re under attack at work or home, or that the stresses of life are draining your energy away?

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Fear and anxiety are natural feelings that are necessary for our survival. They can also become pathological, keeping us from experiencing joy and hope, draining our energy, and preventing us from reaching our potential in life and relationships.

With the Anxiety Inquiry we break anxiety and fear down to their true elements — words, images and body energies — none of which have any real power over us. Just as we learn that the unlovable, deficient self can’t be found in the Unfindable Inquiry, or that the command does not exist in the Compulsion Inquiry, we learn there is no actual threat with the Anxiety Inquiry. The result is a restoration of balance, energy and the freedom to live life to the fullest.

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