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wheat - compulsion The Compulsion Inquiry

Is your life being controlled by a compulsion or addiction? Trying to change the behavior patterns and thinking that accompany compulsions and addictions sometimes causes even more distress, shame and frustration. Those looking for relief from the emotional pain and physical damage — caused by an obsession with gambling, sex, pornography, Internet use, food, drugs or alcohol — are often met with judgments and demoralizing.

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The Compulsion Inquiry (CI) is a humane approach to recovery based on the notion that peace and well-being are our natural state. Instead of being judged or presented with a set of expectations, I give you the tools to step away from your compulsions or addictions and see them for what they are: decisions to do something or to not do something. You could choose, for example, that you need to control something, or you could decide not to control it. You could decide to drink something, or you could choose not to. Same with exercise, giving, feelings, and so much more.

How well you do and the pace of your progress is entirely up to you. Most people find that cravings and the desire to engage in compulsive or addictive behavior diminish and are replaced with a sense of harmony and willingness to experience life unfettered by artificial enhancement or excess.

The Compulsion Inquiry gives you the tools to quit or change, and the rest is up to you. I provide the inquiries to you over four sessions, with three sessions scheduled on consecutive days. The fourth session is scheduled within the following week. You may need more sessions if your progress is going slowly. I will also teach you how to do the inquiries yourself whenever you are faced with a decision related to your compulsion.

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