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wheat - unfindableThe Unfindable Inquiry

If you are conflicted in relationships with family, friends or co-workers, or are struggling with addiction, emotional pain or even physical pain, this inquiry can help you.

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For many of us, how we see ourselves is based upon beliefs formed long ago by interactions with our family members, teachers, friends and cohorts. Often, what was communicated to us, or how we interpreted those experiences, was that we were inadequate and would never be good enough. The result is anxiety, pain and negative self-talk that prevent us from reaching our full potential.

The Unfindable Inquiry (UI) helps us challenge those old beliefs. We use the inquiry to search for that deficient, unlovable person we believe ourselves to be and see if that person really can be found. The process helps us explore who we really are, and the core of what we discover is usually much different than who we perceive ourselves to be.

By changing our perspective of self, we are able to free ourselves from the bondage of our old beliefs and accept our past experiences, thoughts and emotions for what they are — a part of our journey that doesn’t need to be changed or managed. This liberates us for future self-exploration, fulfillment and contentment.

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