Inquiries with Alice: The Living Inquiries with Alice Morris

The Living Inquiries

The Unfindable Inquiry:
wheat - unfindable Helps us challenge old beliefs and deficiency stories, such as "I'm Unlovable", "Not Good Enough", etc. Thus we find freedom from these beliefs.

The Compulsion Inquiry:
wheat - compulsion Helps us look at our addictions, in the many myriad forms they appear, and hence keep us from enjoying the present moment.

The Anxiety Inquiry:
wheat - anxiety The "Fight, Flight, Freeze" response that we all experience becomes relaxed as we look straight at it. This includes fear, PTSD, and other forms of anxiety.

Scott Kiloby’s pioneering work has helped thousands reframe the way they think and feel releasing them from emotional pain, suffering and the toll that stress takes on our lives. Scott has developed the Living Inquiries, which include the Unfindable Inquiry, the Compulsion Inquiry and the Anxiety Inquiry.

“We are all looking for happiness or contentment in our lives. We want to reduce stress, anxiety, conflict and addiction. We want our self-judging inner voice to quiet so that we can fully realize our creative potential. We want harmonious relationships. We want our lives to flow smoothly instead of feeling like a constant struggle.” ~ Scott Kiloby

The Living Inquiries allow individuals to find the freedom, joy and fulfillment they previously sought to attain through relationships, substances, jobs, self-improvement and the acquisition of material things. Working with a trained facilitator, the Living Inquiries allow us to change our focus. Instead of looking outside ourselves for resolution of perceived deficiencies we are guided to a new way of experiencing life.

As Scott explains, “The deficiency stories that have raced through our minds all of our lives (e.g., “I’m not good enough,” “I’m unhappy”) begin to quiet and provide a more peaceful, compassionate, and loving experience.”

Through deep personal exploration, the Living Inquiries allow us to become at ease with ourselves and live the life we are meant to live. Instead of making old feelings “go away” so we can “feel better” we learn to appreciate who we are and the totality of our life experiences. The power of our old fears, shame, guilt, anger and sorrow is dissolved.

Many people report they not only experience inner peace but also experience a release of their inner creative potential and the capacity to live life compassionately and in the moment.

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