Inquiries with Alice: The Living Inquiries with Alice Morris


'You can trust her completely'

"Alice Morris is a treasure among the facilitator family. She is known for being completely open to looking at her own stories and has found such amazing freedom that it's no wonder she is such a good facilitator. I have seen her involved on every level of training and group work. She has become highly skilled and knows this work very well. You can trust her completely."

— Scott Kiloby, Founder, The Living Inquiries

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'An intuitive and skilled facilitator'

"Alice is a warm and compassionate presence. She is also an intuitive and skilled facilitator. I enjoy our time together and she is a person I turn to regularly. Thank you, Alice, for being in my life."

— Greg Ascue

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'Most amazing session'

"I want to thank you again for the most amazing session with you yesterday. I experienced you as compassionate, kind, loving, joyful and overall able to travel with me. What a gift you are. Thank you for having done your work so that you could be available to me yesterday. The result was nothing short of a celebration with consciousness itself."

— Celeste Gabriele

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'Invite the presence of peace'

"Alice Morris is the genuine deal. She's gently transparent in the kindest way. I've been facilitated by her and I'm always moved by her way of inducing relaxation; her words, pace and tonality easily invite the presence of peace ... immediately."

— H. Jackson, Detroit, MI

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'Made me feel so safe'

"Thank you again for two wonderful and amazing sessions – I enjoyed them both immensely! ... Please know what a gentle, compassionate and effective facilitator you are. Your presence and way of guiding and keeping me company made me feel so safe and able to just drop into my inner experience without having to think; I could just be and trust the process. I'm sending you a big hug and much gratitude."

— Anonymous

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'Unwavering steadiness'

"You did a really wonderful job today. It was a gift to be held, to be met, with such unwavering steadiness and such an open heart. The urge to open my eyes and make contact with you was so strong, and it was such a joy to be able to do that with you. As we all journey and deepen together, we're healing so many hurts. Such gratitude for it all. Much love to you, Alice."

— Fiona Robertson

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'Such an inspiration'

"I find Alice to be such an inspiration. She fully lives the spirit of the Living Inquiries. She is always willing to tell the truth in her own experience, and then use the inquiries to free herself from any old stories and beliefs that may appear. This is what makes her such a good facilitator. There's nowhere she won't go with you. I highly recommend Alice. She is a gentle and compassionate, yet thorough facilitator."

— Jullianne Eanniello

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'Highly skilled at facilitating others'

"I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Alice Morris as we supported each other during our facilitator training in the Living Inquiries. She is a compassionate facilitator and always willing to look at whatever comes up. Alice is totally committed to experiencing her own deepening and highly skilled at facilitating others to do the same."

— Linda Stevenson

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